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Distracted Driving Kills

Statistics indicate that more than 15 people are killed every day due to distracted ...

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Accident policies can be helpful in emergency situations. However, it’s important to note that ...

Distracted Driving Kills

Posted on by Sri

Statistics indicate that more than 15 people are killed every day due to distracted driving accidents. Distracted driving is becoming a growing concern. Below are some distracted-driving related statistics that prove how much of a problem distracted driving has become.
Statistics indicate more than 5,400 individuals died in crashes that reportedly involved a distracted driver in the year of 2009.

Texting is among the most dangerous examples of distracted driving and is popular among drivers in several countries including the United States and several within Europe.

In 2009 more than 448,000 people were injured because of distracted driving.

More than 24,000 of the aforementioned were involved in distracted driving accidents that resulted in injuries. About 1,000 deaths were also related to the use of cell phones as a major cause/distraction.

A recent study analyzed the use of technological devices such as cell phones and driving. The study found 25 percent of the drivers admitting that they chat on their mobile devices on a regular basis, “fairly often or regularly” to be exact.

The percentage of drivers admitting to use their cell phones behind the wheel climbs even higher as we look at countries overseas. For example, the study showed 21 percent of drivers in Netherlands admitting to chat and drive.

Back in the states, the study also showed 75 percent of the respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 admitting to using their cell phone while driving at least one time within the past month. Among this group, about 40 percent say they talk and drive on a regular basis.

Text Message and Emails

Statistics also show that 9 percent of drivers in the US admit to texting and emailing while they drive on a regular basis.

Even more startling, more than half of the aforementioned say they’ve exhibited this dangerous behavior at least once within the past 30 days!

Ways to Minimize Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become an unfortunate regular practice for several drivers. Part of the reasons distracted driving has been on the rise lately is because of the continuing demand on technology. Several drivers have access to their iPhone and Blackberry on a regular basis. While this is convenient for you as the driver, it also poses as risk for you and others on the road. One way you can minimize the chances of getting involved in a distracted driving related accident is by putting down your cell phone before you drive. Make sure you make all the necessary phone calls you have to make before you hit the gas. If you have to email or text message someone, this is a good time to so, as well.

Putting your cellphone away can help minimize the chances of distracted driving, as well. If you put your cell phone in a place that’s not visible or within arm’s reach, you will likely be less tempted to use it while you are driving. No matter what you do, don’t use your cell phone while you are driving. This is a prime example of distracted driving that continues to plague a new generation of drivers and other drivers alike.

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