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Accident in Mall Parking Lots: Knowing who Liable is for the Accident

Posted on by Sri

Hundreds of thousands of non-serious traffic accidents happen in parking lots everyday. In most cases, drivers in parking lots pay more attention to getting in or coming i viagra naturali out of their parking spaces rather than focus on their driving, which is why accidents often times happen. The good thing is that most cialis insurance drivers drive slower in parking lots as compared to public roads and highways. For this reason, accidents in parking lots are easier to handle.

Now, there are

states that have stricter rules whether it is a privately owned or publicly owned parking space such as in Virginia. In this particular state, it is illegal to drive recklessly even on private driveways or business properties that are open to the public such as malls, schools, churches, government properties or any industrial establishments. Any violation in the traffic rules such as reckless driving or hit and run is subject to punishments and penalties.

Hitting an Illegally Parked Vehicle: Who’s at Fault?

If you accidentally hit an illegally parked car, you would automatically assume that the other driver is at fault of the accident. The truth is, this is not always the case. Even if the vehicle you hit is cialis mg 2.5 illegally parked in areas where they are more cialis length of action likely to be hit, you as a driver will be cited for the accident. If you run away from the accident, your case may be escalated to hit and run. Now, as a driver you have the most basic responsibility of all, and that is to maintain control of your vehicle. Clearly if you hit a vehicle or a pedestrian, then you are not in control of your vehicle, which is why anyone or anything you hit is your liability. Now, if the accident happens inside a privately owned parking lot, the owner of the establishment may be held partly at fault. So the owner of the parked vehicle may sue both of you and the owner of the establishment.

What is Premises Liability?

You might wonder why in the example cited above, the establishment’s management is held liable for an accident that they are not involved in. Well, according to rules of law, whether or not they are directly liable for the accident, they have premises liability that they are required to answer to such as in the above scenario. Malls, churches, schools and other privately owned establishment are required to provide their customers with safe shopping experience. Their parking lots must be designed in a way that could foresee an accident and could prevent it from happening. Most parking lots provide assistance to their customers, and permitting a driver to park illegally is their liability. In case of an accident they can held partly responsible for the accident. Now, if you are the victim, you will be up against the mall’s lawyers, and so you should consult a professional to defend your case, otherwise you will just be facing an insurance adjuster. Mall will have an insurance coverage for such cases. Parking lot law is usually governed by state law. Consult a lawyer before making a move. canadian pharmacy 222 It would not be easy but your lawyer will know exactly what to do and just how much compensation you deserve to get.



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