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Brand new car involved in an accident

Posted on by Sri

Accidents never bring joy and happiness. sildenafil generic Instead, when a brand new car is involved in a car accident, it brings more worries and financial losses apart from the injuries suffered. The trouble with a new car in the context of an accident is that your car has already depreciated by nearly 20%, the hour you drive her out of the dealer’s yard. This is true of the cheapest car to the most expensive ones. Let us assume that you are amongst the most cautious people and have insured your most comprehensively and paid for all those additional riders to remain fully protected. Inspite of all these, if your car is totaled, your insurance carrier will pay you the fair market

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value of the car on the day when it met with the accident and not the purchase price of your car. A GAP (guaranteed auto protection) insurance (assuming you were smart enough to opt for it before getting your car on to the road) will help you cover some of the losses, but you might still be left with a net loss. While these are the ground realities in the context of a car accident involving a brand new car, there are some perfectly legitimate smart actions that can help you minimize your financial losses and potentially leave you with some additional money. Here are the measures to help you:-

As with any other accident, the first thing is to inform your insurance carrier immediately. Note that delayed communication can potentially complicate issues and delay the settlement. Documenting evidence has become easier in modern times and you should make liberal use of your mobile phone features like recording voices and taking photographs or even videographing various facts about the accident. If your presence of mind is sharp, you can leave the recording feature of your mobile phone on, the moment you start a conversation in the immediate aftermath of the accident. This will be a huge help in arraying evidence when the accident leads to a law suit. After the police has arrived and completed all the formalities, you can even store away the recorded conversations on another mobile phone to be on the safer side. All through the conversation, you should remember not to admit any form of liability even if you know that you might have been partially or wholly liable. While it is for the law to determine who is liable and who is not, a direct or oblique acceptance from your part can easily transfer all the blame on you with serious financial consequences.

We now come to formulating your insurance claim. A new car accident claim is marginally different and should be dealt with in a smart way. While being down right honest, you have perfect legal ways to protect your financial interests. There are several components to cialis viagra your insurance claim and you are better off taking time until you can compose yourself to prepare the best claim under the circumstances. Another smart measure would be to find an experienced attorney to draw up the claim on your behalf. The routine stuff will obviously include the repair cost, cost of pill viagra for the brain renting a car, medical bills, loss of earnings, tow charges, and other admissible incidentals. Add all these up to a tidy sum and remember to preserve the receipts. Now we come to the more crucial part of the claim.

The insurance company always wants to pay the least and the insured want the best when a claim is preferred. Here are some of the smart moves to help you:-

1. For all expenses related to your car, get a minimum of 3 estimates and use the highest of the three while computing your claim. The opposite side may come up with a different estimate but you will enjoy the advantage of leveraging between the highest estimate and the lowest.

2. The law permits you to be creative without being dishonest. For instance, there are damages like suffering, humiliation etc. which are non economic in character but can be converted into money in a law suit.

3. Asking for the highest possible compensation on each count does where to buy viagra online forum not mean that you receive an award for the full amount. But, if you claim a lower amount, the axe can still fall when an award is passed and that would mean your getting less than what you claimed.


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