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Bucket Truck Accidents

Posted on by Sri

Bucket truck accidents are always fatal causing instant deaths or severe injury or brain damage and trauma to a victim and family members. Usual victims include linemen, workers for telephone company and utility companies. Slip and fall or electrocution is more commonly the cause of deaths with people using bucket trucks.

If the height for which this truck is used is more than five or six feet, protection needs to be used, which helps reduce the impact of fall for the victim, in case of a fall. If the victim survives the fall, he or she may be unfortunate to succumb to severe injury or trauma after the accident. Abiding by fall protection rules will save a company from paying hefty compensation packages to the victim’s family, in the event of death.

Statistics for 2010

According to BLS, there is no substantial decrease of fall victims, when compared to the previous year statistics. Fall victims resulting in deaths were at 645 in 2009, which reduced to 635 in 2010. The highest rate of deaths was observed in the year 2007 with 847 deaths due to fatal falls.

To summarize, BLS states that each year around 30 deaths are caused due to falls from bucket trucks or Ariel lifts. Department of Labor, states that death due to falls in occupational accidents, leads the statistics, whereas occupational fatalities

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are valued at 8% of deaths caused due to trauma. Injuries causing deaths because sales of viagra vs cialis of being struck by equipments, or objects is stated to be at 402 for the year 2010.

Common causes of Bucket Truck Accidents

How to Avoid Bucket Truck Accident?

  • Training to use an equipment, must be provided by the company providing utility services through the use of Bucket trucks. This canada pharmacy is an important necessity that helps save life of price for cialis the lineman.
  • The training being provided should teach the linemen and employee operating the truck, to test for malfunction before the lineman alights the lift. This check measure must be made mandatory for all employees operating the bucket truck.
  • An organization renting these bucket trucks or using them for providing service, should maintain them well and service them at regular intervals. Checking for equipment wear and tear, or malfunction due to aging must be carried out thoroughly at regular intervals.
  • Linemen should be trained about handling the wires lest they get electrocuted.
  • For heights greater than four feet, protection has to be provided by the company. If these are being used for constructional purposes, protection needs to be given at six feet lift.
  • A company abiding by OSHA standards will observe lesser deaths due to falls from bucket trucks.

Who is Liable?

If the accident is not due to equipment malfunction, victim’s status of employment states whether compensation will be given by the company or not. In case of defective equipment the product manufacturer may be sued, while an equipment malfunction needs to be investigated deeper.

Other people who may be held liable depending on the proof and investigation results include, equipment owners, employers, premises owners, etc. If the employer asks the employee to use poorly maintained equipments, even after knowing that such a use is harmful, then he or she is liable to be sued.

Owners of bucket trucks, in case it has been hired from rental agencies, are responsible, provided there was no fault on the part of a person operating it.

Few Tips

  • A person operating the bucket truck should make sure if boom is functioning properly and lift is properly balanced.
  • The person boarding the lift canadian pharmacy trust reviews should recheck if there is an imbalance.
  • Every company worker should know use of safety equipments for fall protection, and use them for required heights.
  • Every new employee should be given training in equipment oxycontin from canadian pharmacy operation and use of protection gears like safety harness, hard hat, etc.
  • Family of the victim who is employed with the company canadian pharmacy online montreal needs to take initiative for battling a case, keeping in mind the Statutes of Limitations. They should get in touch with a lawyer who is experienced in bucket truck accidents.

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