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Car Accidents and Risks of Opting for Cheap Insurance

Posted on by Sri

Car accidents happen suddenly. A single rear end collision may impact the cars ahead of it, causing a series of such collisions. In such a scenario, having a proper coverage for car, will be helpful for claiming back the money spent on car damage repairs and loss of work, or pay due to the accident. If a person driving is liable for property damage or loss of life, without liability coverage insurance plan, they may have to empty their bank balance or declare bankruptcy.

Statistics Check for Accidents

The year 2010 observed decreased accident statistics, but this does not make it any safer to drive uninsured. Around 405 fatalities were recorded on NSW roads. On an average the death toll for every year remains around 417. This does not take into consideration the deaths that occur after getting severely injured in an accident.

According to NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners), for the year 2009, the coverage costs for a plan like comprehensive car insurance was around $136, while that of collision insurance for cars stayed at $301, and highest was for liability coverage that was stated to be around $475.

According to statistics by National Safety council, number of people injured in accidents, amount to around 50,000 for vacation during year 2010. NSC calculated the probability, after an observation of accident statistics for the year 2003. Chances of dying in a car accident, was stated to be one in 6,500, too less, when the population figures are in millions. This only means that, probability of getting involved in an accident need not depend on one’s own driving abilities.

Type of Car Insurance Coverage

Liability Insurance This type of insurance is used to cover for personal injury and property damage, in case, the insurer is at fault. This does not cover the insurer in any manner. It is a measure to save oneself from financial burden of compensation in case; they are liable in a car accident.

Comprehensive Insurance This basically means, a minimal plan that is chosen to drive their automobile, also called as Third Party Insurance plan, because many states do not permit, driving without insurance. Depending on the insurance providing firm, this package may cover many or very few aspects. This may or may not cover a car involved in an accident.

Collision Coverage This is used for claiming repair charges, in case, the car is involved in an accident. Most often, this does not cover any personal injury compensation, like medical expenses or loss of wages, etc.

Uninsured Coverage This is used to cover a person, in case the other driver is not insured, or is not insured enough to cover for costs incurred.

Personal Insurance Protection coverage Any plan mentioning this aspect being covered should provide expenses

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that are incurred for health care, treatment, wages lost, funeral charges, etc.

Rental Car Coverage If a person is renting a car, the insurance plan chosen should insure any driver, driving it. A rental car needs immediate replacement, while the damaged car is being repaired. A plan for rental cars covers these aspects.

Why Should I Avoid Cheap Car Insurance Plans?

Cheap car insurance plans are not always cheap, when it is time to claim, after a car accident – most aspects are not covered at all.

A rental car agency may run into problems, by opting a simple comprehensive coverage, because, it may not cover liability aspects, in case the driver is at fault.

A person choosing comprehensive coverage may have to face financial crisis, in case of severe injury after an accident, as they may have to pay medical expenses from their pocket.

Cheap car insurance will most often leave out many aspects of coverage, collision coverage and on the other hand, may simply cover for car damages leaving cheap car insurances useless.

Important Things to Check

Most of cheap car insurance companies are not what they claim. A person should do enough research before choosing a company.

It is the duty of insurer, to specifically check for coverage provided, than blindly believe the bold and advertised

version of insurance companies.

If a person lives in a state where uninsured drivers are greater in number, they fare better in opting uninsured plan coverage.

A rental car company should opt for an insurance cover that provides with alternate car, for the duration until this car is being repaired.

Few Tips

A rental car company should take care to employ, trained drivers to avoid liability charges.

A liability cover included insurance plan, is a better option when teenagers are driving a car.

Check comprehensive coverage package, before opting for it. Most of the time, it may be futile to invest into it.

Checking as many online quotes as possible is a good way to search for a better insurance plan, investment wise and coverage wise.

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