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Do I have a Medical Malpractice Case?

Posted on by Sri

We all understand that everyone in the medical field does a marvelous job, but on occasion they are prone to mistakes that can leave a patient seriously ill, or in pain for years to come. Thankfully these sorts of errors aren’t commonplace, but when they do happen it usually means a lawsuit being filed against the person responsible. These are

known as medical malpractice suits, and if you feel that a mistake was made while you were receiving treatment, then it may be something that you need to take a look at. Before you go rushing down to your lawyer and demanding a suit be filed against your doctor, you have to understand that it takes much more than just saying that you are in pain, and filing a medical malpractice suit can be a long and laborious process, as well as being one that is very hard to prove.

What You Need To Prove.
There are three things that you need to prove occurred before filing a claim, and it’s this that brings many malpractice suits to their knees before they ever really get started. Proving one is difficult enough, to put all three together in a way that makes it absolutely clear that you were mistreated is incredibly tough. Plus, with so levitra where to buy much money at stake, the medical facility where you were treated usually has the financial backing to be able to make sure that the fight is a long, drawn out affair. This can be enough to put many people off right at the start, but if you are confident in your case, then here are the three things that you will need to prove.

  1. Liability – This may be the most difficult of the three to prove, and what has to happen is that you must show that the medical professional didn’t just make a simple mistake, but actually performed their duties in a manner that was completely the opposite of the treatment you would have received from any other medical professional. You will more than likely have to get another medical expert to help you prove that the actions of the offending doctor or nurse were completely egregious.
  2. Causation – This is where you will have to prove that the negligence on the part of the medical professional was in fact the sole cause of the pain or illness that you are currently suffering. celebrex diarrhea For example, if you are someone who has had previous issues with back pain, and you are trying to prove that your current pain is the cause of that treatment, then you may be in for a long, uphill battle, even if that pain has been taken to all new levels of discomfort.
  3. Damages – When filing a medical malpractice lawsuit there is usually a dollar amount that you will be trying to claim. You are going to have to justify that amount down to the penny, which will usually mean money lost due to being unable to work, which will also mean proving how long you will be unable to do so. If the injury or illness means that you are only going to miss a very short amount of work, then you’d be better off not filing any sort of suit at all.

A Few Simple Tips.
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are not all that easy to win, but if you feel that you can, then celebrex dosage you had better be prepared to be in for the generic viagra long haul, with many cases lasting into the years. Hire a lawyer who has experience with medical malpractice, or better yet, get a free consultation to allow them to look over your records to see if you have a case at all. You should also be prepared to lose, as juries very often tend to fall on the side of the doctor, simply because it’s such a respected profession. Perhaps the best advice is to just think things over very carefully, because if the judgment doesn’t come down on your side, you could be left holding a very large legal bill rather than a big settlement.


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