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Five ways to handle a motorcycle crash

Posted on by Sri

Even though lawmakers across the country are creating legislation to keep roads safe, there are still hundreds upon thousands of deaths behind the wheel. If you’re involved in any type of collision it’s important to know your rights. Motorcycle drivers and riders are afforded the same rights as any other driver. However, statistics show that motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in a fatal injury. Accidents can be scary and frustrating, especially if you don’t know what to do next. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, there are important things to keep in mind.

Five ways to handle a motorcycle crash

1. The first thing to remember is to remain calm and to take deep breaths. Any type of car accident can be a traumatic experience but it’s even more troubling if you fly off a motorcycle. Take a deep breathe and assess the situation.

2. Call for help

Check to see if your cellphone is nearby and call for help. If you can’t access your phone due to the crash, ask the other party to call authorities.

3. Get the facts straight

Make sure you are truthful when speaking to emergency officials on the scene, including police officers. Make sure you document, or have a copy of the police file, which will have important information such as the time, date, location of accident, and insurance information regarding the other party.

4. Seek Medical Help

If you find that you have been injured as a result of the accident, seek medical attention. Regardless of who’s at fault, your health should be the priority at the time. Don’t worry about insurance, focus on getting the necessary treatment.

5. Call An Attorney

If you have any questions regarding your accident, you can contact a personal injury attorney. They will be able to help you along the process. If you plan on hiring an attorney, you do not have to speak to the other party’s insurance company. A personal injury attorney can help retain funds that can pay for or compensate you for any medical treatments related to the accident.

1. Be careful about what you say when you are on the scene. Only make statements regarding the incident to law enforcement or emergency responders.

2. Don’t shrug off any injuries. It may seem

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like your back is a bit sore, but don’t try to be a tough guy. You might not feel your injury immediately after the motorcycle accident. If you feel the slightest bit of pain, make sure you seek proper treatment.

3. Don’t tell the police officer that the accident was anyone’s fault. The insurance companies and authorities will determine that based on the information that’s provided. You are simply telling them the facts, let them determine who’s at fault.

4. Don’t yell or argue with the other party. Being in an accident is a stressful situation within itself. Don’t make it anymore difficult by blaming the other driver. Make sure everybody on the scene is safe and let the situation work its way out.

5. Don’t forget to call a motorcycle attorney. Even if you don’t think you need their services, a motorcycle accident attorney can be very helpful. Motorcycle accident attorneys make sure you are being treated fairly, following an accident. Their role is to defend you throughout the process. Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney could be beneficial, especially for those who plan to file suit. It can also be a helpful way to make sure you aren’t getting cheated from the other party’s insurance company.

Do I Need a Motorcycle Attorney

Most motorcycle attorneys can help you avoid the run around from insurance companies. They can remove all the hard work and personally contact all the insurance companies and get the proper information. It is their job to represent you and they don’t get paid unless they win your case! If you have a small injury, you don’t necessarily need a motorcycle attorney. However you can always pick up the phone to get a consultation. On the other hand, if your injury is moderate to severe, you should consider getting legal representation. Motorcycle attorneys know the legal system and can often expedite your case. You’ll find some relief in knowing that you’re working with someone who’s experienced in handling motorcycle accidents, in a time of shock and confusion.

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