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I Was Involved in a Multiple Car Accident – What to Do Now?

Posted on by Sri

On an average, four people die every hour due to car accident. It can be a multiple car accident, or single car hitting a pedestrian, or a person on a motorbike. The casualty statistics were found to be lowest for the year 2010, if one were to believe National Car Accident Statistics. For the year 2010, only 3092 deaths were recorded. These deaths were caused due to accidents that were a result of distracted driving. Other causes for accidents include equipment malfunctioning or drunken driving, etc. Irrespective of the reason for getting involved in a car accident, one should always exercise certain measures to stay safe and avoid paying further fines or being penalized.


What is a Multiple Car Accident?

A Multiple car accident is where a car crashes into more than one car, or an accident caused by a car, resulting in damages to more than one car. Consider a typical example, where pharmacy online Car 1 hits Car 2 from rear which in turn hits viagra Car 3 ahead of it.

Here accident causing Car 1, is liable to both the parties, because the impact of this accident affected two cars. Whenever one is at fault in any accident, they should first investigate whether it is a multiple car accident. According to Car Crash Statistics, during the year 2007, there were about 17,577 car accidents involving multiple vehicles. A person responsible for such accident and proved for his contribution, will be liable for a huge sum such as, $300,000. It may happen that insurance company may rescind their policy, making one liable to pay from their pocket.

What to do when involved in multiple car accident?

If one is a victim in a multiple car accident, they should first make sure that they are safe and are able to move. If there non prescription levitra are severe injuries, they should call the police and get medical assistance quickly. If the injury is not severe and they are able to move, they should check the extent of damage online tadalafil to their stop and shop pharmacy hours car. Severe or minor damages to cialis viagra levitra car should be reported to the Police or nearest authorized center.

Exchanging vehicle and driving license information is another crucial step that should not be forgotten. They should make note of every detail pertaining to an accident and present the same to authorities.

When one is at fault, they need not accept their fault right away. Accepting a fault where it is difficult to ascertain fault from investigation, will only increase one’s liability. One should present their side of explanation for the cause of accident to the best of their knowledge, without having to accept that they are responsible for this accident. A person who has initiated an accident, should not run away from the scene, instead they should call Police or report accident to authority and call for online viagra medical help when the other party is injured. One need not give any approval stating their responsibility for a car accident to authorities.

A person should call and inform their insurance agent about an accident and also call attorney for assistance.

5 Dos

  • It is important to exchange information of the vehicle and drivers license, contact generic tadalafil information and insurance company information, with people involved in a multiple car accident. Few people may act arrogantly when this phase is considered, but it is better to let authority personnel viagra testimonials handle them, than getting involved in an argument with them.
  • Write down the weather condition, street condition, obstructions in the street, or any other factors that seems to be a contributing factor to the accident.
  • Talk with witnesses and get their contact information like email address or residential address, phone number, etc.
  • Call police if the damage is greater. However, it is safer to call them even though it is minor. Let the authorities decide if damage is severe, or less.
  • When in traffic and injured severely, call for medical help. generic cialis online reviews You need not move out of the car, until help arrives.


5 Dont’s

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