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Kentucky Car Accident Rates and Policies

Posted on by Sri

Car accidents in the state of Kentucky happen every single day. According to a local traffic collision facts report, every year almost 150,000 car crashes are recorded in the state. A little less than 800 people are killed and almost 26,000 were injured due to accidents in Kentucky. According to the report, one out of 5,700 Kentucky residents are involved in a car crash and one out of 14 drivers is involved in a car accident. Statistics also show that men are more prone to traffic accidents, these people hytrin are usually between the ages 15 and 24 years old.

Kentucky is one of the generic abiligy few states where car accident rates continuously increase, in spite of the nationwide car accident prevention campaigns. Jefferson Country is where 19 percent of all car accidents generic tadalafil or 29, 384 accidents in the state have been recorded. In 7,722 of these cases injuries were recorded and and 73 people generic cialis online have died in Sinequan 2010 alone. This alarming rate has led residents to believe that their local government capampaigns against traffic violations is not enough to prevent these accidents from ever occuring.

Kentucky Car Accident Laws

Under the car accident law in Kentucky, a driver is required to stop immediately in case of a car collission and wait for the police to come to scene of the accident if the damages from the accident exceeds $500. It is important to immediately report the accident to police by calling 911 for spy phone nokia free immediately. If there are people injured in the scene or you are injured, unless it is something serious, you should not move or move anyone injured until the medical team arrives.

It is also required under the law that you take down the names, addresses, contact number and insurance company of how to spy on a cell phone without installing software the other person involved in an accident. It is also important to get the witnesses’ names and address. generic sildenafil If the other party is getting these pieces of information from you then refusing to divuldge these information is a case of misdemeanor and a hit and run case even if you stayed there in the scene of the accident. Identfying yourself is of the utmost importance.

Kentucky Car Accident Insurance Law

Kentucky is a no fault state. That means that no matter who is responsible for the accident, their respective insurances will cover canada pharmacy for the damages costs. So if you have been involved in an accident, your insurance provider will be responsible for your medical bills and the repair cost of your vehicle. Now, the repair cost of the vehicle is usually not covered in the no-fault insurance. You may tadalafil

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however pruchase a collision insurance, underinsured motorist insurance or comprehensive insurance if you want your vehicle covered in case of an accident.

No fault state insurance is also called PIP or Personal Injury Protection. Now, ultimate bluetooth mobile phone spy review in a state that disregards the person at fault of the accident, insurance companies pay their insured motorist for medical bills, loss wages and repair and parts replacment of your vehicle. However, they will conduct their own investigations and if the other party was proven to be at fault fo the accident, your insurance company will reimburse the money paid to you on your behalf. Now, the no fault insurance protects everyone involved in the accident from possibel lawsuits. However, if in write essay on pakistan case permanent disability and even death was involved in the accident, you may file a legal case agains the person responsible for the

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