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Large Truck Accidents – statistics

Posted on by Sri

Accidents involving larger trucks like 18 wheelers or big rigs, cause severe injuries or casualties. It is important that a person driving big trucks is always attentive, to avoid any harm to themselves or others. Many a times, having pictures of an accident scene are crucial if sildenafil generic the matter needs to be battled out in court, which is often the case, as trucking companies are adept at escaping from such liabilities. Any truck weighing more than 10,000 pounds can be called a large truck, but there are different types of trailers that weigh more than 80,000 pounds.


On the other hand, if the trucking company or person driving is not at fault, extreme measures need to be taken, like pictures of pathway for remains of fluid that caused this accident or damage to big truck that can ascertain direction of other drivers and help in judging faults. It is necessary that one is knowledgeable about what to do, to avoid an accident .

Large Truck Accident Statistics:

According to accident data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the United States, since 1993, out of 6,088,155 registered large trucks, 4,849 were involved in fatal crashes. This number has only gone up to 4,932 trucks until the year 2005 while the trucks registered crossed over 8,171,363

Statistics for large truck accidents that resulted in severe injuries was at 82,000 for the year 2005.

Statistics curve for injuries involving big trucks has peaks in the years 1999 and 2000, with 101,000 when considered for a time period of 1993 to 2000.

Severity of injuries are usually higher when it involves a heavy truck in an accident. Consider a 40 ton vehicle hitting a 3000 pound or smaller vehicle, where the smaller motorist is lucky to stand a chance of survival in most cases. Oddly enough, in more than 75% of these accidents, it is the fault of the person driving the smaller vehicle! Injuries sustained may need surgery and prolonged care in future. Having a legal support at hand during these circumstances, is a great help.


Injuries from a Large Truck Accident:

Typical injuries from a truck accident can be as serious as paralysis of certain body parts, or a simpler form like pinched nerve causing uncontrolled twitching, or complete numbness in that part of body. A person may feel decreased sensitivity when a nerve is pinched, or when paralyzed due to this accident.

Other injuries like fractures, amputated body parts are visible type of injuries that need costly surgeries, but a nerve network gone haywire may have unforeseen consequences.

Brain injuries and concussions are other dangerous forms vitalikor tadalafil of injuries that occur, when one gets involved in accidents with large trucks. Truck’s sheer size is enough to cause a fracture or brain damage.


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nerve injury can affect motor control of a person, but brain damage may affect in functioning of the primatene mist canadian pharmacy whole body. Symptoms like decreased memory, severe headaches, unable to focus, mood swings or problems with speech or hearing indicate a brain damage. Since brain regulates working of all organs, one may find few or most of their organs unable to perform their usual duties due to this injury. Treating this condition is a very costly affair, which makes it more important to fight and win a legal battle.

How to Avoid Large Truck Accidents:

Avoiding a truck accident comes down to taking safety measures when driving on highway,s or on roads laden with truck traffic. From maintaining safe distance to avoiding, blind spots or taking sudden turns or shifts of lanes, one should follow these rules strictly. If one is able to see the driver in a mirror, they can be sure that they are visible to a truck driver.

Turns are dangerous when one is alongside a large truck. If the road is slippery or due to some reason the trailer comes sliding on to one’s vehicle, it might result in a serious accident. Stopping abruptly ahead of a truck is very dangerous and may often result in rear end collisions. This is because braking distance needed for truck is larger than a usual vehicle.

What to do?

  • Do maintain safe distance when ahead of trucks or behind them, because quick acceleration or brake is hard when driving a truck.
  • Do make sure that vehicle is well off the highway, if one has to make an emergency stop.
  • Do use efficient signaling methods to avoid any accident due to missed stop signals.
  • Do note down license plate number when there is a need to report any incident.
  • Do make it a point to avoid blind spots.

What not to do:

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