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Repairing Car after Accident

Posted on by Sri

Imagine you have just spent your life savings to buy your dream car, only to find it wrecked by an accident on the way home. What will be your first thought after making sure you and your loved ones are safe? How are you going to pay for the damages and get your dream car back in shape? How much will it cost you? What alternate transportation you would use during the time it takes to get your car repaired? How much has the market value of your car really gone down because of this accident and will you be able to get the right compensatory damages from the other party? If you think that you can depend and fully trust your insurance companies to get the rightful car repair done, well, think twice! As not all insurance companies give the best car repair services and proper guidance after your car goes head to head in an accident.

You and your preemptive “how to repair car after accident” checklist, can help guide you in the right direction. The following is a step by step car repair checklist, that could be helpful after the unfortunate event that your car’s involved in an accident:

Be Responsive:

When you encounter a car accident, try to keep a hold on your nerves. The best way is to keep a record of all that has actually happened, even if the accident was your fault. By being honest, you are just helping yourself get through the mess quickly and lawfully. Before signing insurance homework help or hurt papers, read the repair policy carefully. Ensure that you are covered for spy cell phone on your computer repairs and alternative car support in case of accidents. Review your insurance policy declaration page carefully to know insurance coverage limits and deductibles.

Report Authorities:

For an immediate and effective car repair, you need to call emergency officials right away . In this case, call 911 immediately to get the help you need. This will also help you, as you will phone spy for iphone 5 be able to file an auto accident report, when authorities arrive. The sooner the authorities know about the accident, the better. The police report will help you and your insurance company throughout the claim process . Also, immediately inform your car insurance company agent by calling on their helpline or

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depositing an insurance claim online. Do not delay the claim, as that will only further delay the car repair.

Get Personal Details:

If your insurance agent takes time in reaching the site of accident, act vigilantly by taking pictures of actual accident scene, wreckage or signals. Note the other person’s car license number, name, insurance policy number and address, also take down the contact information of any witnesses to the scene of the accidents. These particular tips can help with a repair or settlement after the accident.

Choosing Your Car Repair Shop:

Take a couple of repair estimates from different repair shops. spy on any mobile phone Beware that many insurance companies direct you to use their LISTED repair shops, but choosing the place of repair is your sole legal right. You should get the best repair done from a shop of your choice and not the one imposed by the insurance company.

Calculate Other Financial Loss:

A car accident not only makes your car less valuable, it can also take you away from your job! . Make sure you estimate exactly how much time you will need to be away from work due to the accident.

Also, note medical expenses or towing costs, as all of them will need to be claimed along with car specific repair damages by the insurance company. It is advisable to hire the services of an expert legal representative to help you achieve the best compensatory damages.

Diminution of Value:

The loss of market value of an accidental car over a non-accidental one is called diminution of value and can be claimed from the insurance company according to some insurance policies. You need to be aware of a diminution clause at the time of an insurance agreement and exercise your claim whenever time comes.

Decline Other Offers:

An immediate cash settlement without involving thorough car inspection and legal papers, may sound attractive at the point of accident but trust me, it’s a win-lose situation, in which you lose and insurance company or the other party wins. Do not opt for any other settlement other than an effective and proper car repair service, as only a skilled car technician can fully estimate actual damage done, keeping your end of the bargain safe.

Entrust your car repair by getting a professional legal advice of an auto-accident lawyer and secure your car’s lifetime value. After all you just spent your life savings into this dream on wheels, there’s no point in allowing it to turn your life into a nightmare!









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