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Selling your Wrecked or Salvaged Vehicle

Posted on by Sri

Wrecked car or salvage car laws are especially made to make sure that buyers of these wrecked vehicles are well informed about the condition of the vehicle before they buy them. Wrecked vehicles are only categorized as they are because at one point, they were declared as total loss or were extremely damaged. Ironically, many buyers are attracted to buy salvaged vehicle despite the fact that they may be incapable of being driven and look like junks. Now, there is no existing Federal law that governs the use of salvage vehicles. But there are state laws that exist, which varies from one state to another.

How can a vehicle be considered wrecked vehicles?

The law considers the amount of damages that the vehicle has incurred. Some states, consider how much the repair costs, as opposed to the pre accident cost of the salvaged vehicle. If the cost of the repair for the vehicle exceeds $5000, then the law clearly states that this is a wrecked vehicle. In some states the value mentioned may change. In Louisiana, South Carolina, Kentucky and Nebraska, the set damage cost of the vehicle is at seventy five percent of the value of the car. If the value of the repair is at 75 percent or higher, then they are declared as wrecked vehicles. In Massachusetts, New Kersey and Nevada, vehicles that tadalafil 20mg can be repaired is a salvage vehicle.

Now, before you can sell your wreck vehicle, you must first have a salvage certificate. This certifications is issued by the state DMV but only if the owner of the vehicle brings a clean title, license plate and buy generic cialis certificate of title. Now, once you’ve sold the wrecked car, the new owner of the car must now show the DMV that the vehicle is working well before they would be allowed to run on US public roadways. Now, it is important to know that most insurance companies

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do not provide insurance coverage for such vehicles. So buy viagra unless you find a suitable insurer, it is illegal to drive on the roads of US without carrying at least the viagra minimum car insurance coverage available. Now the best way to battle this is to apply to the DMV to change the salvage certification to rebuilt certification. If your vehicle has this certification, you can easily find an insurer to give you coverage.

Exception to Salvage Titles

Now, as mentioned before the state laws about wrecked cars vary from one state

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to another. In some states the salvage car titles is not needed if you are selling your wrecked vehicle, like in the state of Missouri as long as the vehicle is less than seven years old. In California, salvage titles are also not needed. They would simply issue salvage certification in exchange for the vehicle’s title. In generic tadalafil some states, the owner of the salvage vehicle must submit the car’s title and ownership certificate within fifteen days after the destruction of the vehicle.

Only those with appropriate car titles or certifications will be allowed to be driven in the public roads of US. If you are planning to sell your wrecked vehicle, make sure to check your local state law about wrecked vehicles. You need to tell the buyer that the vehicle was destroyed and give the buyer a written notice about its current condition.

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