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States Using Red Light Cameras 2012

Posted on by Sri

Red light cameras have been used in the United States as early as 1990s. Currently, there are 24 states that utilize red light cameras. Red light cameras are traffic cameras that have the ability to capture red light traffic violators. Generally, if you run Bupropion online through an intersection while the red light is still on, the camera will take photos of your face and your vehicle’s plate. Running a red light is considered one of the major causes of accidents in the US. To avoid the growing numbers of people running red lights, traffic authorities implemented the use of red light cameras to watch the roads more efficiently and to penalize those who continuously violate the law.

What is Red Light Running?

According to the rules of law, red light running is when the traffic light signals red and then you enter the intersection. Consequently, it could also be considered as red light running if you failed to make a complete stop

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even before the red light turns red. Different states issue different types of tickets for different occasions. The good thing is that almost 93 percent of drivers in the United States believe that running the red light is a threat to their safety. However, over one third of the drivers still commit this violation over and over again.

List of States Using Red Light Cameras

Not all states in the US are using red light cameras. In fact in some states, they are even retracting this project due to massive complaints against it. Now, here is the list of states that currently use red light cameras:

  • ·Alabama
  • ·Arizona
  • ·California
  • ·Colorado
  • ·Delaware
  • ·District of Columbia
  • ·Florida
  • ·Georgia
  • ·Illinois
  • ·Iowa
  • ·Louisiana
  • ·Maryland
  • ·Missouri
  • ·New Jersey
  • ·New Mexico
  • ·New York
  • ·North Carolina
  • caverta brand

  • ·Ohio
  • ·Oregon
  • ·Pennsylvania
  • ·Rhode Island
  • ·Tennessee
  • ·Texas
  • ·Virginia
  • ·Washington

Reasons Why It is craigslist cialis sting Necessary to Use Red Light Cameras

Red light violators cause thousands of deaths each year. In fact, in 2009, 130,000 people were injured because of red light runners and almost 700 people were killed in such accident. More than half of these victims are innocent pedestrians, cyclists and passengers. The presence of red light cameras reduces the number of violators, hence reduces the occurrence of car accidents in areas with red light cameras.

According to a study conducted in 2011 in large cities in the United States, those districts that utilize red light camera have seen at least 30 to 40 percent decline in their car accident rate. They also showed a at least 25 percent decrease in injury crashes. The overall reduction in car accidents rate on all states that use red light cameras is 17 percent, which means that this campaign is very successful. According to studies, drivers’ behavior changes on intersections with red light cameras.

About Red Light Cameras and Motorist Privacy Issue

Now, although the campaign against red light runners by utilizing red light cameras show very significant success, many people are opposing against it because of privacy issues. However, the rule is that all drivers agree to abide by the traffic law once they obtained their drivers licenses. Not even the common law or common sense, for that matter, should rule against motorists being under surveillance or have their violations properly documented in order to promote betterment. Red light cameras are designed to take plate numbers of the vehicle who runs the red light. Although in some states the law requires the facial shots of the drivers in addition to the plate.

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