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Technology: Hurting or Helping Drivers?

Posted on by Sri

High tech gadgets are taking over the world. Everyone wants one and everyone has one. Cellphones, tablets, gaming consoles and GPS tracker are some examples of these gadgets. While it wouldn’t hurt if you were using them under normal conditions, it becomes an issue if you use them while you are driving. According to the NHSTA, or the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration, these high tech gadgets are the

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number one cause of distracted driving in the US. Distracted driving is the number cause of car collision in the United States today. Twenty percent or over 1.5 million crashes resulting in injuries recorded in 2009, were caused

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by distracted driving. At least 5,000 people were killed for this reason alone. In fact, in the last ten years, distracted driving has become the primary cause of car accidents in the US and everywhere else in the world. Experts blame the continuous evolution in technology.

How Technology Hurt Drivers Instead of help them

One example of this is the GPS system or the Global positioning Satellite, while the aim of using this gadget is to help drivers locate their destination easily without having to stop by and ask for directions, it does pose risk to drivers. These gadgets can actually take the driver’s eye off the road. It is highly recommended to avoid using GPS for long trips, instead bring someone with you who can use the traditional map to help get to your destination. Of course GPS is more helpful but only if they have the capability to voice out the direction instead of forcing you to look at them every now and then. Some GPS has this capability. Still some experts believe that it can easily distract drivers that may lead to accidents.

Now, texting and talking on the phone is the number cause of distracted driving. This is the reason why in some states, it is illegal to talk on the phone or send and receive text messages while you are driving. In all states in the US, texting or talking on the phone while driving is a clear evidence of negligence, which entitles the victims to higher compensation. Now, according to the NHSTA technology causes three major distractions that lead to car accidents: visual, manual and cognitive.


No matter how good you are as a driver if you take your eyes off the road, you are taking huge consequences. Things may happen instantaneously, which could lead to major accident. Texting for one, requires your vision, so no matter how well you know your cellphone’s keypad, you are going to take a look at it. While

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drivers do not see the risk of texting or talking on the phone while driving, millions of accidents have taken place for this reason alone.


Taking your hands off the wheel is another problem that drivers must learn to avoid. It is very important to always keep your hands on the wheels. Texting on the other hand requires you to manually type in your message. This slows down your reaction to sudden events.


While some drivers believe that talking through hands free phones will not affect their driving activity, experts believe so otherwise. If you are talking on the phone, your mind wanders around. Driving becomes subsequent to another activity that your reaction to sudden event substantially slows down. According to some reports, distracted driving is as risky as drinking and driving for the same reason that your mind and body coordination is not in normal condition.



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