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Tips on How to Get Away from a Red Light Camera Ticket

Posted on by Sri

Ignoring a red light is a serious traffic offense. If you got caught in action, a police officer may impose a $300 fine for beating the red light. Most often than not, police officers aren’t around to watch every single move that motorist makes, so beating the red lights is easy to get away from. However, as the technology advances, so does the government’s ability to watch over its citizens. Red light traffic cameras are scattered all over the United States. You would typically see them on busy intersections, on streets that receives high amount of traffic and on streets with the highest accident rates. Red light cameras are used to catch drivers who ignore the red light.

Red Light Accident Statistics

Beating a red light is one of the top causes of fatal accidents in the United States. In fact, according to statistics there are over

1,900 wrongful death cases and over 90,000 physical injury cases that are being filed every year because drivers continuously beat the red lights. Over 47% of all accidents that happen in urban areas are red light traffic violations. Apparently, to some drivers the traffic light is not enough to ease the traffic jam, so they need to beat the red light and risk their lives than wait a few minutes more to get out of traffic.

How it Works

Red light cameras are especially installed to catch these drivers in action. Once the traffic light hits red, the camera will automatically take a shot of all vehicles that run over the line or drivers in action. The red light camera will take two photos: one of the driver’s and the other of the vehicle’s plate. A formal letter or ticket will then be sent to your address along with these photos taken. You might be required to pay for a fine plus earn demerit point added to your driving record. Now, if you have been caught violating the red light traffic and the police officers have evidence of the crime, you can still get away from it as long as you know what to do and how to get away from it. In California, the fines can reach up to $500. So, to avoid getting penalized, here are some tricks that you may want to try out:

Top Four Tips on How to Easily Get Away from Red Light Case

Top 4 – No Right Turn Sign

If you were making a right turn when you beat the red light and the “No Right Turn” sign is at sight, then you may get away from the ticket. You should also check out your state’s rule about red light camera ticket. Different states have different rules about this. In New York, the fine is just $50 plus detrimental point on your driving record. You might not want to risk your record for only $50, do you?

Top 3 – You are Not the Driver

Since with red light traffic tickets, the ticket is sent to the vehicle’s address and not the drivers’, you can contest that you were not the one driving and have committed the violation. However, you have to prove who the driver is and give them the name and the address of the driver at the time.

Top 2 – Be as Lazy as Can Be

Sometime lazy people get away from their fine unintentionally. You will be given 60 days before you get the second notice. This trick might be a little risky but then again over 5000 people have managed to escape their tickets. In California, over 40% of all red light violators get away from it by simply being too lazy.

Top 1 – Out of Necessity

This defense is probably the most effective of all because it concerns your safety. If you beat the red light because the road is icy or the road is wet and if you stop running, your car may start to slide endangering you and you passenger. At this point, you have proven that you have no other choice

but to beat the red light.

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