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Top 10 Tips to Avoid Truck Accidents

Posted on by Sri

Truck accidents cause a great amount of damage to property, or life. It can render a person immovable or disabled for life and in most cases, lead to death. Following certain safety measures when driving on highways or around truck traffic, will help one avoid these deadly accidents. As most of the accidents are tadalafil faults of other vehicle drivers, it is best that one follows precautionary or safety measures. If you are in trouble , discuss your board of pharmacy specialties personal injury case with your attorney

1. Be Careful when overtaking a truck: Since trucks are very long, it takes more time to overtake it. So if a person wants to overtake it at cialis generic online dangerously high speeds to get a clear road ahead, they may be in for trouble, because most of the time, they never know what is in front of a truck. One should be very levitra pre workout careful when levitra vs viagra forum they attempt to overtake it. Being alert for signals from a truck driver is ideal. This helps one

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stay safer, when overtaking it. When one is following a truck, they should maintain a levitra insurance coverage time delay of at least four seconds.

2. Mellow that aggression: Aggression is the leading cause of truck accidents, amounting to about 50% of cases. If one is finding the truck driver to be aggressive, it is better to maintain a safe distance from it. Avoiding aggression while driving is difficult but it ensures that one returns home safely. Driving defensively is never a shame, rather a precautionary measure that can save many lives.

3. Change Lanes carefully: When one is driving on highways, they should be alert when changing lanes. Keeping a lookout for truck changing lanes or crossing over, is another safety measure that saves one from colliding with trailer that swings into one’s way. viagra online One should maintain safer speeds and distance between trucks. Whenever one is being overtaken by a truck, they should slow down and give way to avoid triggering aggression from their part.

4. Riding two wheelers? Exercise extreme caution: A motorcycle that is behind a truck, is rarely visible to a truck driver unless motorcyclist comes into focus of the rear view mirror. Blindspots are many, brand viagra online when one is driving ahead of trucks, and needs to avoid them. Following a truck driver signals close enough is also a safety measure. A person should make sure that they do not drive alongside canadian pharmacy online trucks for long. A motorcyclist is often too confident that he or she will overtake trucks faster and this is the prime reason for truck accidents involving motorcyclists.

5. Use Signals & Stay Safe: It is better when, one uses proper signals for changing lanes, besides following other vehicles or truck’s signals. Maintaining proper distance ahead and behind is necessary to avert accidents. More often, accidents occurring behind has impact cialis overdose on the person driving ahead. When, person driving ahead is at buy viagra a safer distance, the impact is almost nil. One should remember that braking distance for trucks is longer than usual automobiles, so they should maintain good distance, even if they have overtaken it.

6. Take Road conditions into Consideration: If the weather is rainy or cloudy, or if there is mist all over the place, one should slow down. If visibility is low, it is good to be safer, by driving slowly than encountering an accident.

7. Never Get in Between two Trucks: It is dangerous pharmacy to be driving between two trucks, especially if one of them is trying to change lanes. A vehicle from opposite side may hit your vehicle. Since trucks cover a huge area, it is impossible to see vehicles behind or ahead of a truck.

8. Medications and Alcohol are a strict NO: A person should not drive, if he

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or she is under influence of alcohol or medication, or drugs that induce sleep or causes confusion. Distractions like operating smart devices, or sending messages, or talking to the other person while driving, newspapers or any other distractions may prove fatal. One cannot stop thinking, but one can control themselves from getting lost in thoughts.

9. Ensure vehicle condition is reliable: A vehicle that is in good condition is safer to drive and easier to stop during emergencies. A person should get it serviced regularly and check for crucial parts like brakes. One may be penalized if they are found to have maintained their vehicle poorly. Although this measure is not found to be a great contributing factor for truck accidents, this is a safety measure that one should abide by.

10: Intersections are hot spots for Accidents, exercise caution: Intersections have high speed traffic coming from opposite direction, which makes it necessary that one is cautious about their speed and position. One should always go at a slow pace, during turns and at signals.

By following these practical tips and tricks, one can avoid truck accidents. Accidents are not expected, but most are preventable. Exercise caution, avert accidents and stay safe.

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