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Top Five Indy Car Racers to Die in Car Accidents

Posted on by Sri

Auto racing is a professional sport that only experienced and qualified drivers can participate in. Auto racing drivers take their profession seriously but then again some drivers unfortunately die while passionately doing their jobs. When accidents occur on the race track, you can almost always assume that it involves death. Indy cars crashes take lots of lives because over speeding is usually involved. But then again drivers who join these races know that they could die with one mistake and still happily accept the challenge.

What is an Indy Car?

An Indy car is a term used for open wheel auto racing vehicle in the United States. The term “Indy” was derived from the Indianapolis 500 mile race, which is the most well-known race in North America. The safety of the driver is of course one of the major points of concern for the Indy 500. In history there have been no more than four fatalities in the series. If you compare it to other road racing a venue, the Indy 500 does not have run offs on oval tracks and have long straights an banked turns which means this can be a recipe for disaster if drivers don’t execute their speed appropriately. Now, here are the top 5 help with dissertation writing racers who died in Indy car accidents:

Top 1 – Gordon remote spy phone android Smiley

Gordon Smiley was the first driver to die in Indy 500 in died in 2002 and was also the last driver to die while qualifying. Smiley was qualifying for the 1982 Indy 500 when at is second warm up lap, his vehicle started to over. When he tried to correct this, the front wheel of his vehicle suddenly gained grip. This sent his car into the wall nose and off the track at the speed of 320km/h. Smiley’s body was seen tumbling hundreds of feet away from the car. He died of severe trauma.

Top 2 – Dan Wheldon

Dan Wheldon is a British driver who died in an Indy car accident in October 2011. He was 33, when the accident happened. His car flew out of the track at approximately 325 feet from the fence and into the pole lining before it landed back to the ground. Wheldon was pulled out of the vehicle and airlifted to the nearest hospital where he suffered massive

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injuries. According to the cell phone spy app autopsy, he died of blunt force trauma.

Top 3 – Pau Dana

Paul was only 30 years old when he died in the 2006 IndyCar series season. His vehicle crashed with a disabled car, which thrust his car into the wall before it slide to the bottom of the track. He was running at 283 km/h when the accident happened, causing him to accrue several injuries that led to his death.

Top 4 – Tony Renna

Tony died at the age of 26, making him the youngest driver to die in an Indy car accident. While he was test driving his new vehicle, Renna spun out three times, the air caught the underside of his vehicle’s chassis which literally lifted his car into the air before it landed into the catch fence, which is about four feet of concrete wall. He died due to massive internal trauma.

Top 5 – Scott Brayton

Scott Brayton died

at the age of 37 when he was practicing on May 17, 1996. He was using his backup car when the accident happened. His car’s tire blew at 370km/h, that led it to spun twice and hit the external retaining wall. He died out of the severe impact caused by the accident.

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