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Truck Accident Statistics

Posted on by Sri

There are around 15.5 million trucks in U.S., of which Semi trucks, 18 Wheelers, Tractor Trailers and Big rigs contribute about 13%. These trucks are prone to accidents and cause a fatal injury or death, every 16 minutes. This might be surprising but it is true. Truck accidents often result in fatal injuries or severe casualties, because they weigh around 80,000 pounds. Statistics that are reported show an increase in truck accidents.

Latest statistics: As many as 500,000 semi truck accidents, caused serious injury to 500,000 and 5000 casualties during the year 2010. A year earlier, deaths due to accidents involving trucks were around 3200. According to the Bureau of Transportation statistics, for the year 2007, there were around 3,335,291 accidents due to light trucks and 367,920 accidents due to heavy trucks.

For the year 2009, total casualties for car and light truck accidents are recorded at 23,382, out of which 49% of people did not use any restraints. Around 4% of cases are due to the fault of a truck driver with 0.06% drunk driving cases. On an average, 16% of accidents are caused due to the truck driver’s fault.

For the year 2009, California has the highest number of vehicles involved in heavy truck accidents, at 4,205. For every 8 traffic accidents, there is an accident involving a large truck. Large trucks cause greater number of fatalities, and often involve more than one vehicle. A study by NTSB confirms that around 18% truck accidents are because the driver fell asleep due to fatigue.

Semi and Heavy truck statistics: According to DoT, each year, around 500,000 truck accidents occur in the U.S.A. An accident with a semi truck will result in severe injuries or death. 98% percent of these cases result

in death. Every year, trailer accidents that result in deaths cost a $20 billion of which $13.1 billion, is calculated as cost due to loss of life. The states that are truck accident prone are California, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania.

The chances of a driver of the other vehicle getting killed in a truck accident, is 98%. Considering the distance vs accident statistics, for every 100 million miles, 2.3 deaths or 60.5 injuries occur due to a big rig trucks. States with higher truck traffic for heavy and semi trucks, have greater chances of truck accidents and death tolls. In Texas alone, there were accidents involving 17,267 large trucks during the year 2007 injuring more than 10,000 people. Almost 22% of

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truck accidents cause injury, while more often, it is property

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damage that occurs. On an average 1.7% of accidents in the year 2009 involved large trucks killing around 500 people in the U.S.

Commercial Truck Accident statistics: Each year, around 400,000 commercial truck accidents occur in the U.S.A., killing 130,000 people and 600 commercial truck drivers. As many as 90% of accidents involving commercial trucks are caused due to human error on the part of a truck driver, or other drivers or pedestrians. Fatigue in drivers is also a major cause (about 30%) of accidents, caused due to commercial trucks. A mere 1% of these accidents are caused due to DUI, while speeding remains another major cause for truck accidents. A study reveals that 27% of drivers involved in fatal truck accidents, were convicted for speeding.

75% of truck accidents occur to due fault of regular motor drivers, as opposed to truck drivers in an accident. Around 2.4% of car accidents involve commercial trucks. A driver for a commercial vehicle, who drives continuously without sleeping may have greater chances of causing an accident due to distractions, or negligence, or sleepiness.

What should we learn from these statistics? These statistics imply that there is a chance of being involved in an accident at least once in a lifetime, which makes it necessary to be in touch with a truck accident attorney.

On an average, around 192,000 trucks are sold every year, indicating that these statistics are not going to decline. When it is the fault of a truck driver or a trucking company, it is better to hire an experienced attorney, because these trucking companies are hard to contact or negotiate, when it comes to compensating victims.

Since most accidents result in severe injuries to spinal cord, or other important parts of body, it becomes necessary that one gets compensated enough to pay for the medical bills. Auto accident attorneys may not be able to handle truck accident cases. It is better if one opts a truck accident attorney with experience, to tackle their personal injury case.


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