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Truck and Bus Accidents – safety tips

Posted on by Sri

Size of the trucks and buses are main reasons for the damage they inflict in an accident. For filing an accident claim when one is injured in an accident with no fault of theirs, it is best to approach an attorney at the earliest. Logs with trucking company and evidence at the accident scene play an important role in determining fault of trucking companies.



 If it is the fault of professional driver of a trucking company, most common reason would be aggressive driving or poor weather conditions that need one to exercise extreme safety measures. More often it is the fault of a driver of a passenger vehicle, than the truck driver. Among the many causes, overloaded trucks is a common reason for mishap occurrence. Be it a bus accident or a truck accident, unsafe driving practice is major cause of accidents. There are a small percentage of drivers who take to consumption of alcohol or medicate themselves with drugs that prevent them from driving cautiously. Bus drivers are prone to eat while they drive and also use cell phones, and in few cases, damaged seats are also a cause of an accident. When it comes to passenger vehicle faults, common reasons include presence of distracting factors like cell phones, drugs or alcohols and aggressive driving. Tailgating is a common practice that causes these truck or bus accidents with greater severity.

Safety tips:

 One should always drive safely and avoid blind spots of buses or trucks, since this is major reason that these accident occur.

One should take care to service their vehicle regularly, avoiding accidents that are caused due to fault of passenger vehicles, or trucks functioning.

Speeding, in heavy traffic zones or truck or bus traffic zones always proves to be fatal. One should drive abiding by different rules of each zone.

Hitting a vehicle from behind is counted as a fault. One should take care to avoid being close to vehicles ahead and also maintain enough distance from trucks or bus behind.

When merging into traffic, one should not be in haste, slow merge is always safer.

What causes a Truck and Bus accident?

 A fatigued driver or driver who is unable to exercise usual judgment skill, is the reason for most truck and bus accidents.

When a driver is consuming prescribed drugs, one should also follow safety advice from the health specialist like avoiding driving after consuming them. This factor is the cause for a large number of cases involving truck and bus accidents.

No proper experience in driving trucks or buses, is another reason for accidents due to truck or bus driver faults.

Circumstances like slippery road or fluids on road aid in accidents ,even though, one is driving at normal speeds.

Weather conditions also have a say in these situations. One should be extra cautious during such situations.

What to do After the Wreck?

 If one was involved in truck or bus accidents, they should take precautions like noting down contact details of eye witnesses, taking pictures with camera enabled smart device, recording chain of events, etc.

One should make every effort to take details of license plate if the truck or bus is speeding away, or take driving license details whenever possible.

They should call for professional medical help and also inform the police while waiting on the medical team arrival.

Meanwhile, a person may want to take pictures and also note down the events as they occurred in writing and give this to a local police officer or attorney.

Noting down contact details like email address or phone numbers or residential address of eye witnesses available, is of great help. If one has a regular attorney, they should call him or her before giving any statement to police officers.

Hiring a Lawyer:

 If one does not use an attorney’s services and need to search for a lawyer, in the wake of an accident, they should make sure that he or she is an experienced truck and bus accident lawyer.

Since fighting a legal claim needs one to file many documents and proof, it is better managed by an attorney specializing in Truck and Bus Accidents.

There may be chances that trucking companies avoid being penalized for their fault and try to change data logs of driver data pertaining to the date of accident. It needs an adept attorney to extract data that is transferred to, on board systems via satellite communication.

If one feels that an insurance company or trucking company is offering an unjust compensation, they should take legal help, at the earliest.

Few tips:

  •  An attorney chosen for this case should be an experienced one. One should know about them, by availing first free consultation.
  • One should give preference to firms that provide face to face initial, free consultation over phone. They can judge an attorney better when they meet them in person.
  • Internet search for truck and bus accident attorneys yields results that can give a great start in this search.

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