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U S veteran car accidents

Posted on by Sri


returning from the combat field, many veterans have successfully marched ahead in life to head fortune 500 companies. But, these success stories are few and far between when you consider all the veterans who have returned from different conflict zones. In order

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to comprehend the subject of U.S.veteran car accidents, we should first get a glimpse of war zone driving conditions.

Rugged terrains, rugged machines and rugged persons make up war zone driving. There are fewer traffic signs to bother about and the zones are cordoned off from public use. The concerns associated with driving on public thoroughfare are largely absent. Most combat vehicles are larger in size and the focus is always on speed, enemy action and safety from land mines and other threats from the enemies. Put together, the best driver in a war zone can be a potential candidate for aggressive driving on a public thoroughfare. Veterans also come with significantly lesser experience with regard to driving under difficult weather conditions, dangers of snow and roads treated with salt and sand for snow clearance.

Returning veterans often get behind the wheels of smaller vehicles that are designed for every day use in cities and towns that offer vastly different road writing an essay on the spot conditions. The smaller automobiles are not suited for the type of rugged driving that the veterans are used to. Sadly though, many veterans have lost their lives on our roads in the very first year after they return home from the battle zones.

Another dimension to U.S.Veteran car accidents is the mental make up of the Veterans. Surviving the battlefield gives the veterans a feeling of invincibility. Helmets and seatbelts are not what they love most and large doses of alcohol throughout the day and night is a way of life for them making it risky for themselves and other road users spy cell phone when they get behind the wheels on our roadways. Young adults, often unmarried pose even greater risk on the buy a dissertation online public roadways because they are also exposed to some of the most horrific events while on the battle zones.

Unfortunately, many families of the U.S.Veterans are unaware of the common thread of risk to them and other road users when these veterans take to the public roadways. The best that the members of these families can do to protect the returning soldiers and themselves is to notice the risky driving traits at how long dies viagra take to work the first instance and seek help. A great place for starting this exercise is the Veteran’s Administration where several programs are offered to the soldiers to cope with issues of returning to civilian life. The Veteran’s administration is itself seized of

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the enormity of the safety threat posed by the returning soldiers and have devised specific programs to train the returning soldiers on different aspects of using the public roadways.

Apart personal statement help online from the above, residual injuries is another major the phone spy factor which causes veteran car accidents. In combat zones every individual who is hurt may not receive the most in-depth medical examination consequent to injuries. The focus is always on getting the individual back on his/her feet so that there are enough personnel available on the combat front. One the superficial injuries are cured and the person is apparently fit for action, he/she resumes work.

Fewer opportunities are available to think of residual injuries and the individual carries on unless fresh complications develop. Internal brain injuries in particular can potentially take several months or even years to aggravate into a threat and send out visible symptoms. Alcohol often suppresses these symptoms or the family members brush aside the symptoms as a contribution from excess alcohol. Often times, these injuries lead to serious problems like sudden loss of vision, losing consciousness when behind the wheels, losing focus on the road, compromised reflex action, poor ability to avoid accidents etc.

By spreading awareness of these issues among the veterans and their families, the high rate of fatalities on our roadways can be significantly brought down to help them enjoy the brighter side of civilian life.

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