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Weather Related Car Accidents

Posted on by Sri

According to studies, bad weather conditions are one of the ultimate causes of car collisions in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Experts say that when the weather is not too favorable, the risk of a car accident substantially increases, which is why drivers must be ten times more cautious driving during poor weather conditions. Every year, over six million car crashes take place in the roads of the US. Over 24 percent or more than 1.5 million of these crashes are weather related crashes.

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In fact, in one study held by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accidents happen mostly pharmacy on the southern region of the country, where people experience the highest rainfall. Unlike snowy and icy weather conditions, drivers do not always consider rain as “bad” weather. Some people forget to drive cautiously and they end up being involved in a serious accident.

How Weather Conditions Impact the Roads?

First of all, it is highly important for you to consider the fact that car accident risks do infact increase canada pharmacy online during bad weather conditions, and that

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it is important to take extreme caution. Now, bad weather conditions include snowy, icy and rainy conditions. Drivers must not underestimate the levitra online dangers of rainy conditions otc viagra walmart because very much like snowy and icy road pavements, rain can turn the road into a very slippery one that could easily lead to an accident. Now here are some of ways on how weather conditions impact the safety of the roads:

  • ·Poor road visibility

During icy, snowy or rainy weather, drivers experience very poor visibility. The falling rain and snow can onlinecialis-rxpharmacy impair your visibility. When combined with dirty water viagra best price caused by sloshing by other vehicles, the water becomes muddy, making it even harder to see. Consequently, during poor weather conditions, fog is also another factor that contributes to your visibility impairment. Even with bright headlights, it would be very difficult to see. If you are driving and experiencing poor visibility, it is highly recommended that you get off the road and wait until the fog lifts up or until visibility improves. Snow and ice can also cover up the road traction, making it harder for you to stay in your lane.

  • ·Strong wind

Another factor that leads to car accidents is strong winds. During stormy conditions, wind is stronger. Sudden cross wind makes it difficult for you to drive. Sometimes strong winds obscure the road surface. It can make things fly onto highways and cause a distraction or even worse, an accident. This is very dangerous even if you are driving below the speed limit because these accidents can occur in a matter of seconds.

  • ·Other driver’s conduct

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Another factor that impacts road safety during poor weather conditions is the conduct of other drivers on the road. There are two types of drivers during bad weather conditions: excessively timid drivers and reckless drivers. Although caution is very important, excessively timid drivers will drive very slowly. Though this driver will be in a lot safer condition than other drivers, they can cause extreme traffic backups and possibly even collisions. Other drivers will be forced to pass the, and may speed on and enter a lane that’s full of snow, ice pharmacy online or lush in order to get pass the timid driver. This is very dangerous. cialis pharmacy Reckless drivers on the other hand completely ignore the risk of driving carelessly during bad weather online pharmacy conditions. They will speed through without caution. If in case they need to make an emergency stop, the road will be too slippery for their vehicles to stop without slipping or hitting anything. This may lead to a series of accidents.

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