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What does a vegetative state mean ?

Posted on by Sri

Car accidents have the potential to cause brain injuries that may leave some of victims in a vegetative state for the rest of their cheap pharmacy lives. It has been estimated that almost half of the brain injuries are caused by car accidents. The sheer force of high speed collisions can cause the brain to hit against the hard skull leading to its bruising, tearing or swelling. There may not be any apparent bleeding in many cases. However the brain would have suffered internal injuries that may require the victim to seek lifelong medical care.

What actually does vegetative state mean?

As mentioned previously, car accidents can cause buy levitra online the victim to be in a vegetative state. This means that the person may go into a coma state only to awaken in a condition where he or she is unaware of what is happening around. The patients will have their eyes open but do not respond to anything. Because the patients remain unresponsive, doctors believe that they probably don’t have the ability to feel or think. Even though the cognitive functions of the brain are affected in this state, functions like respiration, cardiac functions, and regulation of BP are preserved. As such these patients do not require any life-sustaining equipment other than a feeding tube.

Sleep-wake cycles and autonomic and motor reflexes can also poppers and viagra be observed in vegetative patients. Patients may show reflex actions, such as yawning, smiling, frowning, swallowing, moaning, screaming, grasping objects, eye movements, and spontaneous movements to certain stimuli, but remain unaware of themselves and their surroundings. Vegetative levitra 20mg vs viagra 100mg states that lasts for more than one month is called persistent vegetative state (PVS).

Causes of vegetative state

Vegetative state is usually the result of an injury to the brain that may be traumatic or non-traumatic. Traumatic brain injuries are caused by a severe blow to the head often due to car accidents or fall from a great height. Non-traumatic brain injuries, on the other hand are caused by medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or viagra street value stroke. Vegetative state can also be caused by serious congenital defects of the vancouver canada pharmacy central nervous system or due to chromosomal defects.

Symptoms of vegetative state

The patients in a vegetative state are often

  • Unaware of the environment
  • Unable to talk or understand speech
  • Unable to feel pain or sensations
  • Unable to think, memorize, comprehend or perceive


Since there are no laboratory tests or imaging techniques to determine if a person is in a vegetative state, diagnosis of this condition is usually done by observing the patient over a period of time. This makes it often difficult to arrive at a proper diagnosis. Many a times, small signs of responsiveness go by unnoticed and the patient is mistaken to be in a vegetative state.


Although there is no specific viagra generic treatment for vegetative state, several treatment techniques including physical therapy, pharmacological methods, surgery, and a variety of stimulation methods are often used. Most patients will be given neurostimulants like Amantadine, Bromocriptine, Levodopa, Modafinil etc. These medications help to stimulate the brain. The stimulation method involves sensory stimulation which involves providing stimulation through sound, vision etc. Deep brain stimulation is a surgical method that is used less often used because of its invasive nature.


Several patients are lucky enough to recover from the vegetative state within a few weeks. However, the possibility of recovery largely varies depending on the extent to which the brain is injured, how long they have been in this state, and the age of the patient. It has been found that the chances of recovery are greater for younger individuals than older people. If recovery does not happen within a year, then the chances of recovery in the future are very low. Even if these patients regain consciousness, they are mostly affected by paralysis and become completely dependent on generic viagra others. Sometimes they may not regain speech and are required to be fed through a tube all the time. There are rehabilitation programs that help the patients to recover, but a complete recovery and returning to their normal life may not be possible. Recovery of a patient after being in a do you need a prescription for cialis in canada vegetative state for a significant period may happen sometimes, but very rarely.


generic cialis online

Vegetative state is indeed a devastating condition that often has minimal chances of recovery. The prognosis also varies with individuals depending upon factors like severity of the injury and age. This condition also causes tremendous pain and distress for the close relatives and loved ones of the patient. Several celebrex generic patients live for many years given adequate medical care and tube feeding. It is very difficult to predict if the patient will recover in the long run. What is being generally observed is that, the longer the patients continues to be in the vegetative state, salary of pharmacy technician in canada the lesser is their chance to come out of the condition.

However, an ongoing debate exists as to whether these patients should be given treatment and made to sustain their life through tube feeding, when there is absolutely no chance of recovery. As hard as it is for the close relatives to agree to this view, there are many people who believe that letting the patient live in such a dreadful condition is unkind. There have been many instances where the doctors after consulting with the near and dear ones of the patient, have withdrawn treatment and tube feeding of vegetative patients.

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